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Turnkey Hosting Solutions

Unlock Your Most Valuable Asset

Time is an unrecoverable resource. Our platform simplifies your workflow and optimizes your schedule. Turn time into your most powerful ally!

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What We Do

How much is your time worth to you? How much is it worth to others? For us, it’s priceless. That’s why we strive to develop our service around the same core idea: you should spend minimal time dealing with repetitive or unpleasant server administration tasks. Launch your ideal hosting solution in an instant using platforms provided by the industry leaders. The best part, there is no lock in. Your server is yours to do anything you want with it.

The Benefits You Get

Reliable turnkey hosting solutions backed up by the biggest players in the industry.

Multi Layer Management

You ask, we execute! We provide support options at all layers of your cloud instance.

Proactive Support

Fast response times and resolutions through all our support channels.

30 Day Guarantee

We return your money back if you decide to cancel your service in the first 30 days.


Security backed up by the biggest players in the industry.

High Performance

Choose your server as close as possible to your customers.

Full Spectrum Of Services

Sell your own services, under your own brand with a worry free support.

For Personal Use

Would you prefer tunning your web server, batling SPAM, fixing your email server or rather spend time with your family, friends or simply doing the things you love? It’s time for hosting providers to step up their game and we are here to deliver. Test our multi level managed service for a true, set and forget experience.

For Web Developers & Agencies

Why ping pong with your customers requests when we can handle it directly? Our credo is “the customer is always right” and that’s why we strive to deliver top notch, white label customer support 24/7. Your brand will thrive and your customers won’t even notice us.

What Customers Say About Us

As an NGO we don’t have really big budgets. However, HArubik proved that high speed and reliability can come at a reasonable price too.

Vlad Biletchi

NGO Chairman

I can rely on HArubik for all my hosting needs. Their support feels like really caring and on point. Everything is just so easy with them.

Corina Bezer

TV Host

I recommend HArubik to any business owner without a second thought. They take care of all our needs and support is top notch.

Vitaly Volkov


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